Open Source Health Design.

Bringing Trust, Openness, Innovation, & Design to Healthcare

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We envision a world where patients can be cared for with technology that can be trusted.

Our open source health design mission is to make our patterns, code, scripts, graphics, ideas, documents available to any designer, to any engineer, to any world citizen, to use and modify without restriction.

We demand Open Source Health Design.
Because healthcare is too important to be closed.
When you use a healthcare service,
you don't know how it works,
why it works,
who it works best for, or if the results are true.

It's our health. Our very lives are at stake.

$1.8MGoInvo investment
in open source projects

$2.5MClients' investment
in open source projects

65+Sponsored open source
projects since 2010

Open Source Health Design Projects

In the past 10 years, we've partnered with federal and nonprofit organizations to address the most pressing healthcare issues—with over 65 open source projects.

Open Source Health Design is an initiative to drive transparency and innovation in healthcare.

Open Source Health Design is the design, testing, and deployment of healthcare services
from strategy to user interfaces to operational code,
open to inspection,
open to critique,
and open to continuous improvement.

Open Source Healthcare Design
drives software transparency,
builds greater trust,
creates more reliable healthcare services,
and generates higher quality health outcomes for all.

We've worked with...

The GoInvo studio is one of the most talented groups of designers I have ever met in the healthcare space. Not only are their ideas, designs, and graphics remarkable, but I haven’t yet figured out how they know so much about medicine and its future.

Eric Topol
MD, Director, Scripps Translational Science Institute

Our design work, health research, and code are open source.

They are freely available for anyone to see, download, change, and redistribute (licensed under Creative Commons Attribution v4 or Apache v2). Just as the Internet is built on open source technologies, open source healthcare democratizes the infrastructure of healthcare (healthIT) and allows for a global healthcare operating system.

Let’s build better care together!

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